Kotobukiya Showcases Star Trek Bishoujo Vulcan Figure


Figure maker Kotobukiya unveiled the appearance of its Star Trek Bishoujo Vulcan figure. The official Kotobukiya online store updated the product page for the figure, officially named the Star Trek Bishoujo Vulcan Science Officer. It also appeared on the Sideshow Collectibles site for international pre-orders.

The figure stands about 8.5″ inches (about 22.6 cm) tall and is made of PVC. It will ship in September 2023, and costs 16,500 Yen (about $120 USD) in Japan. The Sideshow collectibles product page sets the pre-order price at $130 USD, with an October-December 2023 shipping window.

As with other figures in the line, the Bishoujo Vulcan Science Officer is based on a character design by illustrator Shunya Yamashita. First revealed in early February 2023, the design shows a black-haired female Vulcan officer wearing a Starfleet uniform in the style of the original 1966 Star Trek TV series.

Though technically not a female version of Star Trek character Spock, she shares the same specialization, species, and rank as the iconic U.S.S. Enterprise crew member. She also carries an original series-style tricorder in a black shoulder bag, and is posed striking the distinctive Vulcan salute. The base of the figure also replicates rock and sand, implying she’s on an away team mission.

The Bishoujo Vulcan Science Officer is the first of three planned Star Trek Bishoujo figures. The other two designs haven’t been revealed yet, so it’s possible that they could be based on other original series characters. They could also be based on designs from different  Star Trek eras, like that of the Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, or even Enterprise or Star Trek Discovery. 

The Star Trek Bishoujo Vulcan Science Officer is available for pre-order.

Josh Tolentino
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