Kotobukiya Tales of Arise Rinwell Figure Comes With a Hootle

Tales of Arise Rinwell Figure

Pre-orders have opened for Kotobukiya’s 1/8 scale Tales of Arise Rinwell figure. Purchases from the Kotobukiya online shop will also come with a bonus Hootle figure that can fit in Rinwell’s hood as well as on her head. The figure will cost ¥16,500 (about $131), and pre-orders will be open until June 14, 2022. The figure will ship sometime in October 2022.

Rinwell is one of the playable characters from Tales of Arise. As an astral artes user, Rinwell is able to cast magic using her book of spells. One of her closest companions is a Dahnan owlet named Hootle.

The 1/8th scale figure stands at around 205mm (about 8 inches) tall, including the figure’s cobblestone-style base. It also recreates various intricate details such as Rinwell’s pendant necklace, gold butterfly pin, and sleeve belts. Her spellbook similarly features attention to minor details, with pages showing elaborate written designs and a goldplated-style book cover.

Additionally, the bonus Hootle’s size is proportional to Rinwell in-game. As such, Hootle can be placed in Rinwell’s coat hood, just like in the game. Furthermore, the Hootle part also comes with an internal magnet that allows you to place it on Rinwell’s head without it falling.

You can get a better look at the Tales of Arise Rinwell figure below:

The Rinwell figure is the first Tales of Arise figure to appear from Kotobukiya. Previously announced Kotobukiya Tales of Arise figures include Alphen and Dohalim. Other recent announcements include Shionne in a premium DLC costume.

The Tales of Arise Rinwell figure from Kotobukiya is available for pre-order on the Kotobukiya website. The figure will cost ¥16,500 (about $131) and ship sometime in October 2022. Pre-orders will be open until June 14, 2022, or until supplies last.

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