Kova Adds FPS Elements To The Metroidvania Formula



Kova will require some shooting and cover skills from the player, as well as their desire for discovery, as they seek the answer to why humanity is alone in the universe in this cyberpunk action/exploration game.




Kova is a galactic mercenary, one who has fallen on hard times as well as strange times. In a universe where humanity has reached the stars, only to find they’re all alone there, Kova stumbles across an ancient beacon while repairing her ship. This, and her adventures taking on odd, dangerous jobs for various factions, may lead her to find that humans aren’t as alone in the universe as they thought.


Players will roam the galaxy seeking more of these beacons, and will be able to explore planets and meet locals as they wander. Droids, townsfolk, and other mercenaries all have their own tales to tell, and may encourage Kova to join one of the game’s factions. Three groups offer various benefits to joining them, from new weapons to new access points on planets, but who you join and who you work for can affect your relationships with other people throughout the game. 




Should you run into someone who doesn’t care for who you’ve sided with, you’ll fight them in combat that’s inspired by first person shooters. Players will be able to take aim with primary and secondary equipped weapons in a firefight, as well as use cover to stay safe while shooting back.


Players will grow over time as they beat enemies and find new beacons throughout the universe. New powers will be unlocked by activating beacons, and players will also level up using a skill tree that will make them tougher, as well as offer new option for Kova’s ship to allow it to travel further.




Kova is projected to release in Q4 of this year, and is raising development funds on Kickstarter. It has already passed through Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!