Kuja Reminds Us He’s More Than A Pretty Face In His Dissidia Final Fantasy Moveset Video



Square Enix recently revealed Kuja, the main antagonist from Final Fantasy IX, as its newest Dissidia Final Fantasy character. Famitsu has gone up with a new video showing off his moveset.


Kuja is classified as a Speed-type character with a battle style that splits between “Flare” and “Holy” magic attacks He specializes in doing long-ranged attacks and can even provide support to his allies with plenty of buffs using his EX Skill “Soul Divider.” By using his Soul Divider move, he can also go into Trance mode.


The moves shown in the above video are in the following order of “Holy Thrust,” “Flare Burst,” “Flare Storm,” “Flare Blow,” “Holy Rise,” “Holy Raid,” “Flare Charge,” “Flare Star,” “Soul Divider (EX Skill),” and “Soul Resonance (EX Skill).”


Dissidia Final Fantasy is available for arcade in Japan.

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