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Kuro Games Gives Japanese Wuthering Waves Players Gift Cards

In response to the controversy in which Kuro Games accidentally leaked over 200 personal emails of disgruntled Wuthering Waves players, Kuro Games will offer anyone whose information was leaked a 10,000 JPY Amazon gift card. The email from Kuro Games also explained in further detail how something like this happened in the first place. [Thanks, keioday2]

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For context, the Japanese version of Wuthering Waves had a critical translation error in the description for Verdant Summit. The weapon’s effect increases Heavy Attack DMG after a Resonance Liberation or Intro Skill. However, the Japanese version accidentally wrote it as Resonance Skill and Intro Skill. As an apology, Kuro Games offered refunds. But when replying to customers who requested a refund, it accidentally hit “Reply All” rather than BCC. This meant that players in the reply chain saw the personal e-mails of over 200 people who contacted Kuro Games for the same reason.

Twitter user “keioday2” posted a follow-up email from Kuro Games. The company noted it apologized for the incident and is working on improving things behind the scenes to prevent this from happening again. According to the email, a partner company is the one in charge of handling emails. When replying to refund requests, the people in charge were not careful and did not double-check before hitting reply all. In order to prevent this from happening again, Kuro Games is reinforcing how important it is to be careful while handling personal information within the company, as well as enforcing more severe rules when it comes to sending emails.

As an apology, it will give everyone whose email was in the leak a 10,000 JPY Amazon gift card. In response to people wondering if this was just a scam, keioday2 revealed the e-mail address that sent it. The e-mail is “[email protected]” which seems legitimate. They also noted that the email did not include the telltale signs of a gift card scam. This includes instructing the person to charge the card with real money. With this, the saga regarding the Verdant Summit controversy seems to have drawn to a close.

Wuthering Waves is readily available on the Windows PC and mobile devices.

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