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Kutar Trailer Introduces The Series’ 10 Games


CwvjL4vUoAAMBc9 Back in July 2016, Circle Entertainment teased a localization of Giga Rensya’s Kutar series on Twitter, before confirming in October that the cat-like character’s games would come to the Nintendo 3DS in North America. Now, ahead of the series’ eShop debut later this week, an launch trailer has arrived introducing the 10 connected games that will come to the eShop.


In the Kutar games, players follow Kutar as he engages in certain activities and performs various jobs around Techno Island. They help them through these tasks by playing 10 games. The trailer goes through, in order, Kutar Jump Rope, Kutar Apple, Kutar Tube Rider, Kutar Ski Lift, Kutar Powder Factory, Kutar Burger Factory, Kutar Quiz, Kutar Magic Ball, Kutar Concert Staff, and Kutar End Credits.



The 10 Kutar Nintendo 3DS games will come to the North American eShop on November 10, 2016. Each one will be $0.99.

Jenni Lada
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