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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ‘Gum Gum Girl’ Items Come to Ninjala

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The new Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song “Gum Gum Girl” is out. The Ninjala-themed song, which involves lots of ninjas and references the Ninja-Gum used in-game, is available to hear worldwide. To coincide with that, it’s also come to Ninjala itself. There are two things to grab in the in-game shop to celebrate it.

Both of the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu event items are cosmetic. One is a black shirt characters can equip for 500 Jala. It says “Gum Gum Girl” on it and shows a pair of lips blowing a bubble. The other is the song itself, which you can buy and hear in the background when you play. It costs 200 Jala. (As a reminder, 500 Jala costs $0.99 if it is your first time buying them. Otherwise, it is $9.99 for 1,000 Jala.)

kyary pamyu pamyu gum gum girl ninjala

Here’s the music video for “Gum Gum Girl,” to give you an idea of what to expect.

The debut of the new Kyary Pamyu Pamyu items are accompanied by the old ones. Back in October 2020, her “Ninja Re Bang Bang –Steve Aoki Remix-“ appeared in the game and its show. To celebrate, people were able to earn an Ippon decoration or buy the KPP Dance Emote, outfit with headgear and costume, and song. All four of those items are temporarily back in the game.

Ninjala is available for the Nintendo Switch. The Kyary Pamyu Pamyu “Gum Gum Girl” items will be available until February 17, 2021.

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