Kynseed Offers Farming & Fishing For Generations Of Playable Characters



Kynseed puts players in control of generations of playable characters, all part of a family line that players will guide through their decisions to open shops, farm, make friends, or fish the day away, doing so until old age takes them and the next family member takes the stage.

Overgrown Path - Day


Kynseed offers a sandbox for players to live within, leaving them free to choose how to spend their days. Players can till the land and make a farm near their homes, or work on collecting metals to become a blacksmith. They’re free to play some minigames, ride pigs around town, or just wile away the day with their pet dog. All the while, time is passing, though, and without building something stable, their future generations may have little to work with.


All o the cast of the game – the player, NPCs, and even animals and pets – are on a time limit. Old age will eventually take all of them, and then players will be forced to move on with the next generation. It helps to start something early on in the game so the player’s children have an already-existing business to build on, but Kynseed will not force this on the player. Players are free to do whatever they wish in this world.


Pig Riding

Should the player do something foolish or harmful, they’ll find that Kynseed’s population has a memory that extends through generations, making difficulties for years to come. Likewise, good deeds will also be remembered, which may help the player when they’re forming friendships and romances with the people who live around them.


More action-oriented players won’t be left out with all of this farming and fishing, as the game does feature some monstrous creatures lurking in its woods. Players can tackle these beasts in real-time combat, perhaps finding some useful, unique goods that will help them get items no other character can create.


Fishing Pond


Kynseed is being developed by some ex-Lionhead developers, and is currently raising development funds on Kickstarter.

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