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Lancelot, Perceval, And Gawain Are Three Of The 100 Allies In Soul Sacrifice



In Soul Sacrifice, you have companions who will join the main character on his journey. Each ally has unique abilities to fight against monsters like the Harpy.


In ‘Free Quest’, the player will be able to bring up to two companions to join the party from a total of 100 companions you can meet during the game.  Some of these companions come from the main story quests in Soul Sacrifice.



Here’s a look at three twisted companions who are based on the Arthurian legend.




Perceval makes his appearance in the “Children of the Demon” scenario. He’s a mysterious wizard full who has an odd habit of scratching his chest until it bleeds. When asked why he does this, Perceval replies by saying “It’s a disease”, in a lighthearted manner. The main character is concerned by the imbalance of Perceval’s nature as a human being, nonetheless, they continue to travel together to achieve their common goal. Over time, the main character will learn more about Perceval and his past and everything he’s been through.





Gawain appears in his own scenario called “The Werewolf’s Agony”. He has a history with a demon known as Werewolf, who killed all of his friends in the past. In order to avenge his comrades, Gawain has been hunting the Werewolf for the past 10 years. Notice his eyes? Gawain lost one eye in one scuffle with the Werewolf. It is still a mystery as to why the Werewolf was after Gawain in the first place, but he decided to join the main character’s group in hopes of achieving his goal.




Appearing in the scenario “The Knight’s Vengeance”, Lancelot is a prominent wizard and henchmen of King Leode. The King is known for disliking wizards, but even he couldn’t ignore Lancelot’s talents, although Lancelot himself never accepts compliments from anyone. He has an unknown objective in mind and took his position to help achieve his goal, which will require him to have support from the people he serves. Lancelot invites the hero to talk about a certain truth.


Soul Sacrifice is slated for release on March 7th in Japan and April 30 in North America.

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