Lancelot’s Hangover Mixes Monty Python-Esque Humor And Political Incorrectness

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Belgian game creator Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt has released a free beta of his absurd adventure game Lancelot’s Hangover. You can download it on the game’s website.


Lancelot’s Hangover is described by its creator as “Monkey Island meets Monty Python’s Holy Grail.” In it, you play as Lancelot, the sexiest Knight of the Round Table apparently, as he heads out on a mission sent by God to find the Holy Grail. Once Lancelot finds the Grail, he is to fill it with booze and host the best party medieval England’s ever seen.



Clerfayt describes the game’s humor as a return to LucasArts and Sierra’s adventure games of the early ‘90s. He also admits that it’s entirely silly and absurd. Plus, it’s intentionally “very politically incorrect,” as to find the Grail, Lancelot has to head into the Kingdom of France, which is described as “a dangerous place, where all men are gay and women have hair under their arms.”


Also of note is that this isn’t Clerfayt’s first venture into silly comedy. He has previously written sketches for Belgian TV and radio, written a “very silly book” called Guide pratique des situations pas pratiques, and was also a graphic designer for the official Belgian Catholic Church.


Lancelot’s Hangover will be coming to PC when it’s ready. You can vote for it on Steam Greenlight.




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