The Land of Glass Is About Fast Card Tactics In Stained Glass Worlds

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The Land of Glass is a tactical card game, one that puts players in live combat that doesn’t pause to let them think about what cards they should play next. In doing so, it forces quick decision-making as players work through its varied campaigns.


Portals have been opened in the stained glass world of Vitrerran, bringing with them monsters and danger. Eight characters, from vengeful blacksmiths to mages to misfits who’ve brought doom to the land, can be played, each working through their own story in a setting made to look like colorful glass artwork.

As players work through each campaign, they’ll be using hundreds of different cards in custom decks to battle the foes they come across. These attack, defense, and magic cards will all be played live, with players quickly examining their hands and playing their moves as fast as they can manage, trying to keep their character loaded with attacks and defensive measures while their opponent does the same. Traps and large spells will help bolster these abilities, but a player’s speed and cunning will be tested despite whatever help these cards offer.


The Land of Glass is available now on Steam.

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