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Land of No Night Protagonist Shows Off Her Giant-Armed Armor Form



We previously saw some of the bitter and sweet moments of Land of No Night, and 4Gamer’s latest update on the game shows more details on one of Arnath’s new forms and a few Servan buddies that will be helping her out.



Arnath’s “Armor Form” is characterized by her giant left arm. The power that comes from this arm can send just about any enemy flying away, and you’d probably want to think twice before challenging her to a match of arm-wrestling.



While the Armor Form might look like it’s all about power, it’s actually a well-balanced form in attack and defense. Its “Crack Blow” ability can knock out enemies, and the form also increases her defense.



The Armor Form is also a good one for getting rid of enemies around Arnath. The Armor Form is all about its special attack that lets Arnath launch a powerful blow with a hit from her left arm.


Next, here’s a look at some of the Servans:


Carrier Cat (Tricky-type):



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A support-type Servan that can open nearby treasure, even during combat. It also has the ability to increase the movement speed of the other nearby Servans.


Bronze Fang (Attacker-type):


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A Servan with high abilities and power. It has the ability to lower the enemy’s attack. While it may be a confident and powerful Servan, it occasionally shows a bit of a playful side by pretending to be a statue.


Steel Hades (Attacker-type):


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An Attacker-type Servan that specializes in powerful attacks. It has a repertoire of close, mid, and long-ranged attacks, making it one of the best offensive Servans to have around.


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Finally, the above is a look at the first-generation Saint, who once sealed away the Lord of Night. After her death, her purpose was passed along to the church, and each time the Lord of Night’s seal weakens, a new Saint is elected.



She shows up in front of Arnath looking alive as ever, and her purpose still remains unknown.


Land of No Night will release in Japan on September 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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