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Langrisser I & II Provides A Tutorial Video To Show How It’s Played



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Chara-Ani shared a new trailer for the upcoming Langrisser I & II remake that provides a little tutorial for new players to understand the basics of the strategy RPG and how it is played.


The first thing the video talks about is the Class Tree/Class Change system, where you get to change your character classes using accumulated CP (Class Points) from experience points. Learned skills can be slotted into A and B slot. The Scenario Tree allows you to see the branches of its different story routes.


In battle you’ll decide on the number of units to deploy, but it’ll always be important to keep class affinity in mind with each unit having their strengths and weaknesses. Use this to your advantage on the battlefield. Moving around on the map works a lot like the Fire Emblem games, where you move and strategize based the types of units in your party.


Langrisser I & II releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on April 18, 2019. A demo is currently available in Japan for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Check our previous report for a trailer highlighting the remake’s visual revamp and voicing.

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