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Langrisser Re: Incarnation Shows How The Game Starts Out



Langrisser Re: Incarnation will release this July in Japan, and while waiting, we get a first look at some gameplay during a recent NicoNico Live stream featuring freelance writer Mafia Kajita, voice actor Tomokazu Sugita, and several other fans of the series.



The video starts out with a character creation sequence, where the game asks various questions such as “what kind of powers do you believe in? (your own strength/friendship/God)”; “what is the biggest necessity in life? (money/knowledge/luck/love)”; “who do you fight for? (for those you love/for your homeland/for honor) and so on.


After answering about 10 different questions, the players got a protagonist with a level 1 “Horse Rider” class. Depending on what you pick as your answers at the starting point, it’ll influence which class you start out as, along with the stats. Players will get to change classes later on.


We then move on to the starting point of the story at the 3:44 mark, where the protagonist Ales awakens, and is greeted by the maid Maya. You can read more about her in our earlier report.


At 4:40, they show us a first bit of gameplay, where Ales and Maya are on the battlefield. They currently don’t have any weapons, and will have to work their way around enemies from the Empire. Sugita points out that Maya should wear armor, while Mafia Kajita comments on how the Emperor’s soldier looks way too cute.


After a conversation between the characters, Ales finds himself a sword, so he can fight. The action begins at around the 7:17 mark, where you can hear a familiar Langrisser track. The gameplay is more on the traditional strategy RPG side, with player and enemies taking turns to move and attack on the battlefield grid.


Similar to past Langrisser games, there are events and conversations that take place after you take certain movements or actions. At 8:38, we get to see a battle on a larger scale, where there are more allies and enemies in combat.


Langrisser Re: Incarnation will release in Japan on July 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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