Laplus Darkness on Hiatus to Focus on Mental Health

Laplus Darkness Taking Mental Health Hiatus

Hololive announced that Vtuber Laplus Darkness will be going on hiatus due to her mental health. Per a tweet from the agency’s official Twitter account, she and Hololive’s management team agreed to allow her to suspend her activities and focus on recuperating. It is unknown how long her hiatus will last. The agency also apologized for any concern and inconvenience.

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Following the announcement, which comes just over a week after her one-year anniversary, Laplus posted a tweet stating that she hopes to get better soon so that she can get back to having fun with everyone. She asks people to wait for her to return, saying that she will definitely be back. You can check out the tweet (in Japanese) below:

Laplus Darkness is not the first Hololive Vtuber to go on hiatus for mental health purposes. In the past, both Akai Haato and Murasaki Shion took breaks from their Vtuber activities at least in part because of mental health concerns. Haato went on a three-week mental health break back in April 2021, while Shion took time off for both her physical and mental health in June of the same year. Shion stated that on top of worsening issues with her throat, the announcement of fellow Hololive VTuber Kiryu Coco’s graduation was taxing her emotionally.

Laplus Darkness’s mental health hiatus began on December 5, 2022. While she states that she will definitely be returning, she did not say when that will happen.

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