Laser Fury Has Gruesome Aliens, Laser Bows, And Online Play For 4 Players



Now up on Kickstarter is Laser Fury, which is a fast-paced action-RPG that adds a splash of neon to its Diablo 2 inspired dungeon crawling.


It follows a group of mercenaries that go by the name “Laser Fury”, after they find themselves stranded on an unknown planet and under constant threat by a gruesome alien organism.


You, and up to three other local or online players, embody the mercenaries and battle through the aliens with an explosive arsenal of laser bows, shotgun cuffs, elemental blades, and more.

As you progress, you can use your experience to unlock new abilities for your character, and tweak them towards either an offense or defensive combat type, and crowd control or focused powerful attacks.


The gameplay you can see in the video above is all recorded straight from the game during an online play test.


You can grab a copy of Laser Fury for Windows, Mac, and Linux at the $10 tier on Kickstarter. You can also vote it up on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman