The Last Blade 2 Brings Weapon-Based, Edo-Period Fighting To Steam


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The Last Blade 2, the weapon based Neo Geo fighter originally released in 1998, is bringing players back to battle evil spirits during the twilight of the Samurai with its new Steam port.


The Last Blade 2 has players choosing from among eighteen warriors (twelve regular combatants, four new characters, and two hidden fighters) and their varied styles/weapons to beat back a powerful spirit from the Underworld. These Edo-period warriors have their own weapon techniques, repelling counters to undo their opponent’s moves, and special ultimate techniques that will devastate unprepared opponents.

The Last Blade 2’s Steam port will naturally let players fight each other in local play, but it also adds online combat so players can tangle with foes across the globe.


The Last Blade 2 is available now on Steam.

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