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The Last Guardian Creative Lead On Why He Left Sony


In 2011, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus director Fumito Ueda announced that he had left the employ of Sony Computer Entertainment. Ueda, who was creative lead on The Last Guardian, stated that he was committed to finishing the game, regardless of the fact that he was now working on it in a freelance capacity.


In an interview with Edge magazine, Ueda briefly touches upon the matter of his resignation from Sony.


Regarding why he went freelance, Ueda says, “It’s difficult to explain, but in a nutshell it was because I felt a sense of crisis within myself about a lot of things. It’s hard to [say exactly what], but in terms of my own growth and career and so on.”


Ueda goes on to mention that Sony’s reaction to his departure “was not easy,” but that he is presently unable to provide further details on the subject. He adds, “It will be good to be able to discuss it along with a post-mortem of The Last Guardian someday.”


On the subject of The Last Guardian, Ueda says he’s still working on the game, among other secret projects. However, he adds: “In the case of The Last Guardian, my creative work was mostly finished a long time ago, but the details of when, where and how it will be completed are beyond my control.”

Ishaan Sahdev
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