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Latest Nintendo Switch System Firmware Update Resolves Pro Controllers Drifting

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Drift

The latest Nintendo Switch update fixes an issue regarding new Pro Controllers that would cause the analogy stick to drift. The 10.0.2 system firmware update is now available to download. However, this update does not affect Joy-Cons, and is only a fix for brand new Pro Controllers.

This latest update fixes an issue with Nintendo Switch consoles ver 10.0.0 or 10.0.1 regarding setting up a Pro Controller. This issue would cause new Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers to drift. This issue has since been resolved with the latest update. Once again, this update does not affect Joy-Cons or older Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers.

If the update has not already begun to download, you can access the download in the system settings of your Nintendo Switch. If you cannot download the update, you will need to restart your Nintendo Switch console and try again.

In recent news, Nintendo confirmed that over 160,000 accounts had been affected by recent hacking attempts. The attempts began in early April and were recently addressed. In light of this event, Nintendo has completely removed the ability for users to log into their Nintendo Accounts using their Nintendo Network ID. Nintendo has also encouraged users to set up two factor authentication.


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