Lawyering Visual Novel Regeria Hope Gets An HD Upgrade, Kickstarter Campaign

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Golden Game Barn has released an HD version of the first episode of courtroom drama visual novel Regeria Hope. It adds new voice actors, new backgrounds, and new music. You can download it for free on for Windows, Mac, and Android.


At the same time, the studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the next episodes of Regeria Hope. It’s looking for $6,000 in funding to write and produce four more episodes of the game.



This will also include creating new characters, adding the investigation and jury mechanics that Siliconera found out about in our interview with the developer, expanding the impact of player decisions, and commissioning a new score by award-winning game composer Zack Parrish.


Regeria Hope has you playing as the titular lawyer as she uses logic and reason to prove her clients’ innocence. It’s set in a future in which surveillance is even more widespread than today but the cameras still manage to miss important details, and the cops are crooked as can be. This is why finding out the truth in court is still a big matter.


You can pledge $3 towards the Kickstarter to receive a digital copy of the second episode of Regeria Hope. While bumping that up to $12 ($10 if you get the early bird deal) will get you all five episodes once they arrive.

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