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Some of you may already be familiar with this anime series and may have already watched it via Japanese DVD purchase or by special means; but for those who are less fortunate and can’t wait to watch this anime in their native tongue, IGN has the first exclusive English episode of Le Chevalier D’Eon available for viewing on their site. Click on the link to where the episode is hosted and be prepared to be wowed by the production value of it.

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Based on Tow Ubukata’s fantasy novel of the same name which he himself has made into something new with the anime along with the help of Production I.G., Le Chevalier D’Eon historically takes place in the eve of the French Revolution where France was both a place of beauty and chaos. When a casket flowing along the Seine river is retrieved by guards along the port, they take notice of the word "PSALMS" written on the horizontal bar of the Holy Cross engraved on the casket; and when they open the casket, the guards discover the body of a deceased Lia de Beaumont, sister to the anime’s main character, D’Eon De Beaumont. When D’Eon learns of his sisters death, he sets out in hopes of finding his sister’s killer; but along the way, he finds himself thrusted into something deeper and darker, something unknown to all the citizens of France sans the nobles.


It’s interesting to see just how accurate the anime is to the actual history of Charles de Beaumont, the original French spy to King Louie XV who was also…well…a crossdresser. Even though it has somewhat fantasy inspired situations and the actual historical characters have been twisted a bit to suit the fantasy situations, the actual historical characters and situations remain true to their part in history. Give it a watch. You may just watch it.


Also, its important to note that since the setting of the anime is the 18th Century, the anime may have a lot of religious influence in it partly because the 18th Century was a time where religion still reigned supreme.

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