The Lead Of Visual Novel Unhack 2 Finds Long-Dead Friends Turning Against Him



Program X, a mysterious, masked AI, has thrown cyberspace into chaos, and the unhacker must stop it. However, he is having trouble doing so due to the appearance of long-dead friends, all of whom have turned evil in visual novel Unhack 2.




Players will follow along the storyline on Unhack 2, which follows after the storyline for the original Unhack. The developer recommends the player try the first one before moving onto this one, but offers a short synopsis for players who wish to jump right into Unhack 2.


Unhack 2 will have players experiencing the battle between the unhacker and Program X, doing so through a story that is “around five times longer than the original.” He will be joined by Neonya, a female AI and his partner in the battle against the dark forces in cyberspace.




Unhack 2, when not doling out its extensive storyline, will have players doing hacking minigames to break Program X’s control. These can be bypassed by players just looking for more of the story, though.


Unhack 2 is available now on Steam.

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