League of Legends K/DA Joined by Seraphine in Its Latest Music Video

League of Legends KDA

When League of Legends virtual pop group K/DA first signaled its big comeback with the release of a video for “THE BADDEST“, a few fans might have been disappointed. The video itself, while stylish, was more abstract than the CG-animated extravaganza of their 2018 debut single “POP/STARS“.

Now it appears K/DA is ready to silence some of that criticism with their latest release, an official music video for “MORE”, another song from their “All Out” EP. Check it out:

The character style of K/DA comes back with a vengeance in the “MORE” video, with Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, and Akali showing off their new outfits (conveniently available in-game) and featuring real-life performers’ vocal talents. For this song, the original vocalists behind the 2018 K/DA return. Madison Beer plays Evelynn, SOYEON and MIYEON of (G)I-DLE play Akali and Ahri, and Jaira Burns voices Kai’Sa. The quartet becomes a quintet as well by adding Chinese singer Lexie Liu to voice Seraphine, the newest League of Legends champion.

The release of the “MORE” music video also came alongside some new K/DA art for the “All Out” EP, featuring all five characters lounging near Ahri’s throne:


Interestingly, Seraphine and Liu are credited separately on the cover art for the song. Since her official debut and entry into K/DA (and League of Legends proper), Riot Games has promoted Seraphine as a “digital artist and producer”, complete with a social media presence that posts in-character. This approach even attracted some blowback, as some observers criticized Riot for seeming to exploit World Mental Health Day in pursuit of “relatable” branding opportunities for the character.

K/DA’s “All Out” EP will contain five songs (including “THE BADDEST” and “MORE”) and releases to various storefronts and streaming services on November 6, 2020. League of Legends is immediately available worldwide on PCs.

Josh Tolentino
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