Danish studio Gryn Studio hopes to bring action platformer Wings of Vi out on PC this October, and considering that it’s inspired by classics of the genre, and involves controlling a reckless angel named Vi, it seems worth a quick look.


As you can see in the video above, Wings of Vi starts off with Vi and her angel friend Rubi travelling to a prison in heaven for a quick visit, it would seem. Unfortunately, the captor of this prison, the lord of the underworld Jeh’oul, manages to break free and sets about wreaking havoc, starting by snatching Rubi.


Vi then takes it upon herself to take on Jeh’oul in order to stop the world from falling under the ruthless might of his rule. This involves finding the entrance to the demon lair and fighting through the hordes of demonic minions inside, as well as,eventually, Jeh’oul himself.


What this means for you is that you’ll be taking on big ugly-looking enemies – many of them entirely made up of flesh, teeth, and bone – as you move through the demon lair. You’ll also need to escape traps that try to crush Vi, and move with speed and care through the hellish levels.


Generally, it seems to be a combination of typical vertically scrolling elevator levels and chase scenes, with challenging platformer levels. Vi can slide through narrow spaces, glide with her wings, shoot energy balls, and jump with an admirable amount of grace.


It’s best to look at the video above to get an idea of how the game plays. Otherwise, check out the Wings of Vi website for more information, as well as its to-be-announced release date when it comes.

Chris Priestman

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