Learn About the Attacks Kafka Uses in Honkai Star Rail

Learn About the Attacks Kafka Uses in Honkai Star Rail

Kafka is one of the first characters players meet in Honkai Star Rail, and a new update from HoYoVerse goes over what her moveset looks like in the game. She’s not only a mysterious figure responsible for the player’s avatar’s situation, from what we’ve seen in the betas, but also a potential ally if you get her from the gacha. She’s a Lightning element character and part of The Nihility path.

In Honkai Star Rail, The Nihility characters inflict status effects and debuffs on enemies. This comes through with all of the Kafka moves discussed. As she’s a Lightning character, she can Shock enemies to paralyze them. This can spread to other characters with her Caressing Moonlight attack. She could also Entrance an opponent with Spirit Whisper.

Here are the official descriptions for the four Kafka attacks and abilities that came up in the latest Honkai Star Rail update.

  • Caressing Moonight: Stellaron Hunter: Kafka draws her blade and thrusts it, dealing Lightning DMG to a single target and any adjacent targets. If the main target is Shocked, inflicts Shock on the adjacent targets.
  • Midnight Tumult: Stellaron Hunter: Kafka draws her blade and strikes, dealing Lightning DMG to a single target, with a chance to Shock the target.
  • Silent and Sharp: Stellaron Hunter: Kafka detonates all grenades on the target’s side, dealing Lightning DMG to all targets.
  • Spirit Whisper: Stellaron Hunter: Kafka casts Spirit Whisper, which has a high chance of Entrancing a single target and Advances their action forward to imediately use Basic ATK on a random ally of theirs.

Honkai Star Rail is heading to the PC and mobile devices, and its final closed beta is running now.

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