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Learn More About The Characters Joule And RoRo From Azure Striker Gunvolt 2



A recent Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 article in 4Gamer shed some light on the other companion characters of Gunvolt and Copen. [Thanks, Go Nintendo.]


Here’s some information on the characters:


Joule (VA Megu Sakuragawa)

–Returns from Azure Striker Gunvolt

–Serves as Gunvolt’s companion

–Exists as a spirit now

–Has a bolder personality and more childlike appearance than before

–Can empower Gunvolt by singing


RoRo (VA Yurika Endo)


–Guards and aids the new playable character, Copen

–Acts like his little sister, with a sassy personality

–Has an auto-guard ability that will block projectiles for Copen if his energy is full

–Also gives him the ability to replicate the weapons of defeated enemies, called EX Weapons

–EX Weapons use energy


EX Weapons:

-Wide Circuit: A laser attack that spreads in a wide area or can be focused on a single enemy

-Spark Stellar: Fires electricity directly ahead

-Tail Banker: A multi-hitting drill



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In addition, on April 26th, there will be a reveal event for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 at which Keiji Inafune will be attending. There will also be a performance by Lumen, as well discussions featuring both the developers and the actors of the game.


Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 will release for the Nintendo 3DS sometime this summer.