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Learn More About Cyrus, Ophilia, And The Vast World Of Octopath Traveler



Square Enix shared the latest screenshots for Octopath Traveler along with more info on two recently introduced characters with Cyrus the Scholar and Ophilia the Cleric, plus a closer look at its vast and pretty world.


Cyrus – Scholar

Age: 30

Gender: Male


Cyrus comes from the Flatland region that is rich in flatlands, as its name suggests. He’s a “Scholar” who serves the Royal Academy. While all eyes from the students of the academy are fixed on Cyrus and his good looks, he’s mostly interested in books and mysteries. “Learning new things is more fun than anything in the world to me.” One day, Cyrus notices that a book from the library had gone missing…


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His unique Path Action is “Scrutinize” that allows him to extract useful information from the people he encounters, gain insight into someone, pick up information that can help you in your travels, or even uncover secrets and evidence to solve mysteries.



As a Scholar, Cyrus specializes in attack magic that involves fire, ice, and lightning elements and the ability to perform destructive magic that hits all enemies. With the ability to use three types of elemental magic, he’s able to hit enemy weaknesses. He can also use the “Examine” ability to uncover the enemy weakness.


Ophilia ClementCleric

Age: 20

Gender: Female


Ophilia is a “Cleric” of the snowy Frostland, who serves the order of the Sacred Flame. She sets off on a pilgrimage that takes place every 20 years with the purpose of restoring light to the realm. Her best friend and sister was tasked with an important role for the pilgrimage. “May the Sacred Flame guide you on your journey.”

One day, the time of trial arrives for the two.




Ophilia’s unique Path Action is “Guide” which allows her to take people along with her and lead them to places they’re needed most. With this ability she can help resolve trouble by reuniting a lost child with his mother, setting up unexpected encounters, and help solve problems for other people.



As a Cleric, Ophilia is the healer able to recover health for her entire party and bring fallen allies back to their feet. In addition to support abilities such as defense buffs, she’s able to chip in with damage using light-element attack magic.


Here’s a look at all the starting regions for the eight protagonists:


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Woodland (H’aanit) and Frostland (Ophilia) regions

018 019

Flatland (Cyrus) and Coastland (Tressa) regions

020 021

Highland (Olberic) and Sunland (Primrose) regions

022 023

Riverland (Alfyn) and Cliffland (Therion) regions



In the demo we can only explore a part of the continent of Orsterra, but the full version of the game allows you to explore its entire vast world. Players will get to decide on who to befriend and where to go in their own adventure.


Octopath Traveler releases worldwide on July 13, 2018 on Nintendo Switch. You can check out more on Cyrus and Ophilia in their character trailers in our previous report.

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