Learn How To Cause Mass Destruction In We Shall Wake’s Combat Overview Video



    Nokori Ware has released a new video that gives an insight into the various components of We Shall Wake’s blisteringly fast combat. In the game, you play as a bio-mechanical machine capable of hyper speed and mass destruction, conducted with acrobatic and powerful melee moves.


    The video starts off by explaining that the game’s combat comprises a traditional combo system and its unique “utility moves”, all of which is built on top of a complex movement system.


    Once entering combat you go into Auto-Stance, which gives you the ability to dash in any direction around your enemy at the tap of a directional button. Basic fighting is managed on LMB and RMB, one of which is tied to a string of combos on your hands, while the other controls the legs.


    There’s also an Auto-Slash, which is used to disrupt your opponent by moving (or slashing) through them. This slash also has the benefit of cancelling attacks and repositioning you around the battlefield. Other basic parts of the combat are the two weapons you can control at any time (the example used is two support rifles) by pressing the buttons they’re assigned to.


    Going into the sprinting stance, you can use the utility moves by pressing various buttons. These mostly seem to be for the purpose of hitting your opponent far and hard, and includes backflip kicks, slides, and cartwheels.


    Lastly, the video goes over the idiosyncrasies of aerial combat, including Auto-Teleport, which allows you to move directly above your opponent while in the air. And aerial recoveries are a utility move that puts large space between you and your opponent, but they can also be used to cancel attacks for longer combos.


    Obviously, to see all of this in action, you’ll want to watch the video at the top of the page. For more information on We Shall Wake, check out our interview with the director, and head over to the game’s website.

    Chris Priestman

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