YandereDev, the person developing Yandere Simulator, has released a new video that shows you how to get away with murder in the game. You can watch it above.


In development for about a year now, Yandere Simulator is a stealth game that has you trying to win the affections of Senpai (that’s their name in the game), the boy or girl that you desire, by stalking them and secretly eliminating any other girl that may be into them.


The idea is for Yandere Simulator to play like one of the Hitman games. As such, you’ll need to move through the high school to find the girl you’re after, then, once found, you’ll have a number of different options to go about removing them.



You could murder them making sure there are no witnesses, and then cleaning up the body and the blood so nobody suspects you, or you could also kill everyone who does see you. In any case, if you go with murder, you’ll need to destroy evidence to ensure the police don’t arrest you.


Other options are a little more calculated and less direct. You could frame a girl for a crime you committed, or you could talk them into liking another guy, or otherwise get them expelled or ruin their reputation.


Informing how easy all of this is are your sanity and reputation. Your sanity levels drop when you commit violent acts, and if it falls so far that people think you look insane, they’ll deliberately avoid you, and if Senpai sees you like that you’ll have no chance with them. Sanity also affects the tenacity of your murders: if your quite sane then the murders will be slow and sloppy, while moving closer to insane makes you quick and clean, while complete insanity will make your kills long and sadistic.



Similarly, your reputation drops if you do something incriminating – a low reputation means students will be cautious around you, while a high reputation will see them opening up.


Luckily, to help you out, you have “Yandere Vision” that lets you see important characters and objects through walls. There’s also a button for creepy laughter – you are yandere after all. Last thing to note is that the game has panty shot currency. A character will do favors for you if give them panty shots.


You can find out more about Yandere Simulator and keep up with its development on its website.

Chris Priestman

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