Learn Kanji In Android RPG Kanji No Owari!




Sekai Project have released Kanji No Owari!, an Android RPG built to help English speakers memorize Kanji.




According to the game’s entry on the Android store, Kanji No Owari! “helps the players in memorizing JLPT Joyo Kanji characters「常用漢字」and English meaning combinations (with Kana 仮名 and Romaji ロマージ reading options available as hints whenever tapping monsters) easily with the help of RPG / JRPG-esque gameplay.”.




A free version is available for players who wish to test to see if the RPG gameplay helps with their learning. The full version contains more Kanji to learn, a list of learned Kanji, as well as more dungeons and music for the game.

Alistair Wong
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