Learning Fire Emblem Fates’ Backstory With The Hidden Truths Add-ons


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It’s Thursday, which means there are two new Fire Emblem Fates DLC maps to grab. This week’s installments are Hidden Truths 1 and 2, story-heavy xenologues. This is a two-parter that acts as a prequel to the events of this game and stars Odin, Laslow, and Selena. If you played Fire Emblem: Awakening and were wondering why this trio seems so familiar, this add-on will answer some questions.


Before I start talking about what happens in each map and what people can expect, allow me to offer a warning. The Hidden Truths 1 and 2 maps are best enjoyed after completing the Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and Revelation routes. It has spoilers for both storylines. You could probably get away with only playing Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, though.




As for a brief, spoiler-free summary: Fire Emblem Fates’ Hidden Truths explains how Odin, Laslow, and Selena found themselves serving Leo, Camilla, and Xander. Like the Beach Brawl and Royal Royale maps, you’ll control preset characters. They’ll have different character portraits and appearances than the ones you’ve been using in the game. On the first map, Odin will be a level 20 Myrmidon with Vantage and Duelist’s Blow, then he’ll switch to a level 18 Dark Mage on the second. Laslow and Selena will be level 20 Mercenaries on both and each will know Good Fortune and Strong Riposte.


In the first Hidden Truths map, the goal is to defeat all enemies. 22 enemies initially appear, and more will eventually spawn as you play. All of the enemies, other than the level 14 boss, are at level 1. Odin, Laslow, and Selena can all talk to each other on the map, to offer additional information about the situation. Some enemies will also drop items like Energy Drops, Speedwings, and Talismans, which will be added to your inventory.


The second Hidden Truths map asks players to escape at the upper right corner, defeating the boss along the way. Additional enemies will spawn as you play. Again, all three can talk to each other, and each know their personal skills. There are three Dragon Veins that can be used after the characters use the First Blood item in their inventories. Restoring one causes a fissure that will damage enemies standing on that area. I recommend using all three, as they will cause a fourth to open. The fourth will lift the island to a higher level and add healing tiles, while also calling in more enemies.



There are two rewards earned from this Fire Emblem Fates map. The first item is a Fell Brand, which allows one male character to become a Grandmaster. This allows the character to learn the skills Ignis, Rally Spectrum, Tactical Advice, and Solidarity. Ignis adds half of the magic or strength stat to the other while attacking. Rally Spectrum increases all stats of allies in a four tile radius by +2. Tactical Advice increases the hit of a lead unit when the Grandmaster is in a Guard Stance supporting it by 10. Finally, Solidarity increases the critical rate and evade by 10 for all allies next to the Grandmaster.


The other reward is First Blood, which can be earned multiple times. This is an item that permanently allows a character to use Dragon Veins, after it is applied to them. Normally, only characters with royal blood can use a Dragon Vein.


Both Hidden Truths maps are bundled together for Fire Emblem Fates for $4.49. People who purchased the Map Pack 1 can go to the Dragon Gate and Select Purchase Content to update the game and get access to the new maps. Fire Emblem Fates is immediately available for the Nintendo 3DS. 

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