Once You Leave Its Japanese Garden, TRI Will Flip Your World Upside-Down



Rat King Entertainment’s beautiful first-person exploration platformer TRI comes out on October 9th and so a release trailer is now ready for your viewing pleasure.


TRI starts you off in a Japanese garden where you pick up the ability to create”tris” or a “tri” from a seemingly kind monk. His one caveat is that you must find the fox.


So, off you set into a series of huge labyrinthine towers and dungeons to find this fox, and explore the architectural wonders within, finding out exactly how these tris work and can be used in your favor.


As you’ll see in the trailer above, you draw tris by marking out three points of a triangle on a surface. Once formed, you can walk on them at any angle to traverse the game’s vertical galleries and solve its many puzzles.


TRI will be released on October 9th for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam,,, IndieGameStand, and through the Humble Store. The regular game will cost $15 while the soundtrack edition will cost you $20. If you bought the game prior to its release you’ll receive a Steam key.


You can find out more about TRI on the game’s website.

Chris Priestman