Left Alive Takes A More Tactical Approach For Its Firefights And Wanzers

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Square Enix has been quietly developing Left Alive, the survival action game set in the world of Front Mission, but not much was known about the gameplay until they released several new screenshots for the game during Gamescom 2018. Thanks to director Toshifumi Nabeshima, we now know even more. [Thanks, IGN!]


Here are the highlights:

  • Left Alive takes elements from various genres, but at its core, it’s a third-person cover shooter. However, ammo will be scarce, and instead will feature a heavy amount of crafting to make Molotov cocktails, tripwire bombs, radar grenades, and more. This means that players will need to be tactical with how they play.




  • Accentuating the lack of ammo even further are action-oriented situations where the player needs to decide whether to save civilians at the cost of a firefight. There is little-to-no reward for saving the civilians, but it is one of the protagonist’s goals, and Nabeshima teases that every saved civilian will show up at the end of the game. There will also be some places where you’ll need to talk to various civilians via dialogue trees.


  • Most of the interaction with the ‘Wanzer’ mechas will involve avoiding them, or attacking them on foot. However, in one section the protagonist will manage to steal an enemy Wanzer and turn it upon its creators. The Wanzers have four customizable weapon slots, with two shoulder mounted positions and two arm positions, but will also be able to melee by charging towards the enemy.


Left Alive is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC. Check out more screenshots from the Gamescom press release in our previous report here.

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