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The Legend of Legacy Details Weapons, Battle Skills, And A Positional System



FuRyu recently shared a look at a new trailer for The Legend of Legacy, and upcoming RPG for Nintendo 3DS that is in development by former Square staff. The developers also shared more information regarding the game’s battle system. (Thanks, Famitsu)


The Legend of Legacy features seven different weapons that can be equipped out of sword, great sword, ax, spear, staff, bow, and shield. The seven party members aren’t restricted to weapons, and they can use any of the seven as mentioned.


The basic battle system revolves around the “Battle Skills” that are part of each weapon. There are moves that can hit multiple enemies at a time, or a single enemy multiple times, and so on.


As far as defensive features go, there are skills that will let you guard against enemy attacks, or take actions based on reactions such as counters. These are just a few examples of the many Battle Skills that are part of The Legend of Legacy.


Another big part of the battle system is the “Role Shuffle” system, which involves a character’s “Position” in order to put them into formation to fight. You can set multiple positions for the Role Shuffles and use them accordingly to the battle situation.


FuRyu are expected to reveal ore details on Battle Skills and the Role Shuffle system in the near future.


The Legend of Legacy will release in Japan on January 22, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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