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The Legend of Legacy Is About Exploring A Legendary Island Left Behind By The Gods



While The Legend of Legacy might look like Bravely Default, it really isn’t. The game’s official website tells us more about its story, and it sounds like there will be plenty of exploring to do on a legendary island that was left behind by the gods, and full of discoveries to be made.


According to the site, after a number of people went in search of a legend, the continent known as Avalon, which had once disappeared, has reawakened. The site says that it still remains unknown whether there will be stairs that lead to paradise or a door that leads to the abyss. The story is about the truth about what was left behind by the old gods.



Ten years prior, a mysterious island suddenly surfaced in the distant northern sea. According to legends, this place was once called Avalon, a giant island big enough to be classified as a continent, a place that had a country where the gods once lived and prospered.


Since then, many adventurers and researchers have gone to explore the island, but due to Avalon’s peculiar landform and monsters, research and exploration hasn’t made much progress.



According to early explorers, they saw “spirits” in Avalon. While these spirits can’t normally be seen by humans, they are plainly visible on this island for some unknown reason. While there are many opinions as to just why this is, a common theory says that it could be due to the “inherited” power left behind by the gods.


Each part of Avalon has a numerous amount of tools and buildings left behind, which one wouldn’t expect to see in a regular civilization. Perhaps they hold the key to why these spirits are visible to those who visit the island.



One of the legends about Avalon revolves around the “Star Graal” (grail). The Star Graal is one of the properties left behind by the gods, that is said to grant “eternity” to its owner, which is speculated to be the secret to immortality.


Due to the rumors about the Star Graal and its ability to grant immortal life, it’s one of the factors that many adventurers have traveled to Avalon in hopes of amassing riches from the grail. However, one has yet to see the Star Graal, and thus, it still remains a legend.



The town of Initium is located on the south end of Avalon, and is currently its only town. It’s the home base for adventurers that seek various legends, and many adventurers travel here day and night.


The lord who lives in a building on top of the hill actually was the first person to discover Avalon island, and is a self-proclaimed “Adventure King”. It took him ten years to build the town of Initium.


The Legend of Legacy is slated for release on January 22, 2015 in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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