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Legend of Legacy Trailers Show Off A Bunch Of Its Characters



    Three trailers have surfaced for Legend of Legacy, each giving us a little insight on the game’s main characters. Here’s a look at the videos.


    Meurs and Bianca:

    Meurs is an elementalist who communicates with the elements and receives guidance from spirits, while Bianca is a girl with amnesia determined to find answers about her identity.


    Liber and Garnet:

    Liber is a treasure hunter in search of riches, and Garnet is a templar investigating rumors of false gods and heretics.


    Owen, Eloise, and Filmia:

    Owen is a mercenary, while Eloise is an alchemist on a search for the secret to eternal youth. Filmia is a frog prince from a lost kingdom searching for a new home for his people.


    Legend of Legacy is available now for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan and North America, and will release in Europe on February 5th, 2016.


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