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The Legend of Legacy Will Have You Work With Spirits To Pull Off Magic



The Legend of Legacy will have you play on an island that was originally inhabited by the gods, and you’ll also use powers based on elemental spirits. Famitsu gives us a look along with some details on the game’s spirit magic system.


Once you undertake a contract with a Spirit in The Legend of Legacy, you’ll get access to their powerful “Spirit Artes”. Once you activate it in combat, you can place the spirit’s power on the field, and also gain benefits for the corresponding Artes.



While these Spirit Artes may be powerful, you’ll still need to be well aware of the areas, so you can know how to efficiently use the right ones against tough foes.


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The Spirit Artes’ balance of power can be seen on the bottom screen, out of Water (blue), Wind (green), Fire (red), and Dark (purple). The ratio for the above attributes can vary, and enemies will also use Spirit Artes, so you can use this to find the best way to fight them off.


The first step in using a Spirit Artes is to use the “Great Call” ability. After a short scene, you’ll get to use the corresponding Artes from the spirit.


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For example, after taking on a contract with a water spirit, you can then equip a “Soul Device” which lets you use its Spirit Artes. The above shows a look at the “Splash Wall” ability that protects allies with a shield of water.



Since the Splash Wall ability automatically protects party members from enemy attacks, you won’t have to worry about defending or healing while it’s up.


The Legend of Legacy will release in Japan on January 22, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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