Nintendo 3DS

The Legend of Legacy’s Design Originated With Its Very First Piece Of Artwork



Unchained Blades developers FuRyu are working on a new Nintendo 3DS RPG, called The Legend of Legacy, with numerous former Squaresoft developers, include SaGa series designer Kyoji Koizumi. The official Twitter for the game shares a look at how it started.


Here’s what FuRyu had to share:



“At the start of the project, the very first piece was this here artwork. It’s from here that, Avalon Island, where the game is set, along with its nature and civilization, was designed. Everything from the small things and buildings that will appear in the game, were born using this artwork as a starting point.”



They also shared a look at a screenshot that was brought to life in video game form, based on the original artwork. The trees, debris, and ground, are all being drawn with detail, so they can leave the hand-drawn style as part of the game’s style.


The Legend of Legacy will release in Japan on January 22, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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