The Legends Of Owlia Shows Shades Of Startropics With Its Owl-Throwing Combat

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Your owl buddy in The Legends of Owlia is more than just something you’ll throw at enemies – it can carry lanterns, bombs, get items, and generally make players’ lives easier as they fight their way through the game’s top-down world.




Mermon, King of the Mermen, has attacked the great owls of Owlia, sapping their strength to power his sea minions. Only one great owl escaped, finding Adlanniel and her owl friend Tyto and asking them to come to their aid.


As Adlanniel, players will be able to explore the game’s overworlds and dungeons, using her sword to beat back enemies. However, she would not get far without Tyto, as she can hurl the owl to attack at range, or have it carry items, unlock doors, and use one of eight different helpful abilities to help her survive.




The Legends of Owlia, which draws its look and combat style from Startropics, is available on a full NES cartridge, complete with box and manual. A Steam Greenlight campaign has begun for the game to release on PC as well.

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