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Lego Mario 64 Question Block Recalls the N64 Classic

Mario 64 Question Block

Nintendo and Lego are expanding their line of classic, game-themed play sets. The new one is based on the Nintendo 64’s most iconic game. The Super Mario 64 Question Block set was announced via a tweet from Nintendo of America’s official account, which included a brief preview of the set in its entirety.

Unlike a more traditional Lego play set, which looks a bit like a diorama, the Super Mario 64 Question Block is a large replica of the classic Question Block from any number of Super Mario Brothers games. When completed, the playset will not contain a mystery power-up, but instead miniature recreations of four separate Super Mario 64 worlds.

Included are Mushroom Castle, Bob-omb Battlefield, Cool, Cool Mountain, and Lethal Lava Land. Each mini world comes with a unique piece inspired by the level. For example, the Bob-omb Battlefield section has a miniature King Bob-omb. Lego recreations of Mario 64 characters are also present, but these are not in the traditional Lego “minifig” characters. Instead they are more abstract, with the Mario figure being a simple arrangement of a red block atop a special block with Mario’s mustache on it, followed by a blue block. The whole Lego Mario 64 Question Block set contains the four stages within itself, and can fold the set in and out for easy display and storage.

Besides the teaser trailer and announcement, Nintendo did not broadcast any information about a release window or pricing for the play set. Past Super Mario play sets include the Lego NES playset and the Lego Super Mario line.

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