Lesbian Spider-Queens Of Mars Features Art By The Skullgirls Lead Animator



Anna Anthropy has released her retro-style action arcade game Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars for Windows and Mac. It features artwork by Skullgirls lead animator Mariel Kinuko Cartwright, and music by Amon26.


Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars has you playing as a half-human half-arachnid space dominatrix, a queen in fact, as she attempts to re-capture her consensual slaves after they’ve escaped from her harem in rebellion.


As you move around the small 2D mazes, you fire bondage lasers from your magical staff to tie your slaves up in. You then have to head over to them in order to capture them – failing to do so will see them break free. If any of the slaves come into contact with you, you lose a life.



Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars was originally released as a free Flash game by Adult Swim in 2011. This new commercial version is the “TOTALLY UNCENSORED” version as the spider-queen isn’t wearing a bra.


If you didn’t know, the game is an homage to the 1981 arcade game Wizard of Wor, but adds a queer theme and a master-slave dynamic. You can purchase Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars for $5 on for Windows and Mac right now.

Chris Priestman