Let Out Your Rage By Destroying Your Entire Home In Where Is My Hammer?



If you ever find that you need to let out some frustration, then rather than throwing plates at the wall, consider smashing your entire home in Where Is My Hammer?


It’s a free game for Windows made for the #indiesvspewdiepie game jam and can be downloaded on and Game Jolt.


Its instructions are very simple: “Grab your hammer and smash absolutely everything to pieces!” That’s all there is to it. You press the left mouse button to swing the hammer, and press the right mouse button to charge up your swing with extra rage.


uZBuKxIt’s especially satisfying as the walls break up dynamically depending on where you hit them and how hard you do it. You can be pretty precise with your destruction if you want to be.


There’s a whole house and a car to smash up currently. Inside the house are bookshelves, vases, a staircase, and all manner of homely goods. If you knock down the pillars then the ceiling collapses. Happy hammering.

Chris Priestman