Let’s Go On The A-Train 3D Is Train Simulation Paradise

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Here’s a wondrous and hopeful thing—a transport/city simulator called Let’s Go on the A-Train 3D for your Nintendo 3DS that looks good and yet in-depth all at the same time. You’re the new boss in charge of transport, and it’s your job to keep the cities, towns and outlying villages running their transport systems smoothly.


You do so by buying and placing rails, roads and the transportation pieces to run on them, balancing your budget of costs and profits from transporting folks around. It seems you’ll also be able to contribute to the cities you build in by buying buildings to be placed, which naturally then aid in your own transportation profits.



Running the game can last a long time, with it being capable of showing the passage of time and innovation from the Heisei and Showa eras of Japan. You can slowly upgrade trams and old steam trains to electric and more if you so choose, or dive into 3D mode that panoramically sweeps around the cities for you to enjoy.


If you’re still bored, there’s also a full on map-editor mode which allows you to build to your heart’s content and then set scenario requirements to beat.


Let’s Go On The A-Train 3D will be out for Nintendo 3DS come February 13th.

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