The Letter offers some frightening encounters with J-Horror inspired ghosts and ghouls, and players will need to deal with some tense quick time events as they’re being chased in order to get away.


Not all ghostly encounters in The Letter can be evaded through choices. Some of them will require players hammer on a set button or series of buttons, or hit keys with the right timing, in order to escape death. These moments add some additional tension and some very close, very personal moments with some eerie creatures, but players who find these moments overwhelming can choose to shut them off as well.

The Letter follows a cast of seven people caught up in a haunting in a sprawling mansion. Players will be able to make decisions that will help these people survive, lead them to different endings, as well as dictate whether they become friends, lovers, or enemies over their time in this frightening place. Players can view their relationship with the others throughout the game in a menu as well, making it easy to track whether they’re on the verge of making some of the characters have a hard time with one another. This is important, as these relationships will have an effect on the story.


The Letter is available now on Steam. A demo is also available through

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