Level-5 To Reveal A Major Project, Fantasy Life 2, And A New Professor Layton Game



Level-5 president Akihiro Hino previously mentioned that 2015 will be the year they’ll create a hit game that’s even bigger than Yo-kai Watch, and it looks like we’re going to see its reveal on April 7th at their upcoming major “Level 5 Vision 2015: The Beginning” event. The official website tells us more.


According to the press release, the Level 5 Vision 2015: The Beginning will be a big event to announce the company’s “next generation major cross-media project” that is said to be a follow up of Yo-kai Watch in terms of popularity.


Since last year, Level-5 have been actively recruiting staff for a “major project,” and it very well sounds like it could be the comedy project that Hino previously talked about in an earlier interview.


In addition to the brand new title and Yo-kai Watch 3,  Level-5 will make new announcements for Fantasy Life 2 and the seventh installment of the Professor Layton series, which they announced some time ago. The event is expected to have various talks, live music, and will be livestreamed online.


The report also mentions that Level 5 will reveal a major new collaboration title as well, along with more on the Yo-kai Watch brand, including their toys, anime, new music, and more, as part of their “2nd season plans” for the franchise.


The event will take place at the Tokyo Dome City Hall from 18:00 to 19:30 JPT, and there will be many other surprises they’ve yet to mention. Additionally, 500 lucky winners will be chosen to attend the event.

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