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Level-5 Reveals New Decapolice Trailers Highlighting the Story and Investigations

Level-5 Reveals New Decapolice Trailers Highlighting the Story and Investigations
Image via Level-5

Level-5 released two brand new trailers ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2023 for Decapolice showing off more story content and a walkthrough of an investigation from start to finish. No definitive release date has been announced yet. In the Concept Image trailer, players will get a better understanding of the plot of Decapolice. The Playable Guide offers more insight into going through the game.

Decapolice follows Harvard Marks, a prodigy detective at Broadstone Police Department, as he investigates crimes in the virtual world of Decasim. Decasim is a perfect copy of the real world but is filled with the memories of crimes of the past and present. Alongside his friends and companions in the Special Investigations Unit, Harvard will need to investigate these virtual crimes and engage in RPG-like battles to take down criminals whose malicious intent has transformed them into Crime Beasts.

The Decapolice Concept Image trailer can be viewed below:

Level-5’s Playable Guide trailer details an investigation into a crime from the past by using the virtual world of Decasim. This guide reveals how each playable character has their own skill-set that allows them to unlock witness testimonies, analyze evidence, and piece the crime together to name a suspect.

The Decapolice Playable Guide trailer can be viewed below:

The game was first revealed at the February 2023 Nintendo Direct as a Nintendo Switch game, but it was later revealed to be releasing on Sony consoles as well. Story and gameplay details were given an extended reveal at the Level-5 Vision 2023 Tsuzumi event held in March.

Level-5 has booth at Tokyo Game Show 2023 with a playable demo of Decapolice available for attendees to try out.

Decapolice will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in 2023.

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