Level 5 RPG Wonderflick May Look Gorgeous, But It Has Major Issues



Wonderflick is Level 5’s latest RPG—and an immensely battery sucking one, good gods. When it works at all, that is. 


While Wonderflick has some big names behind it like Nobuo Uematsu and Final Fantasy XII artist Nao Ikeda behind it, players are complaining that the game will crash on them, repeatedly. That could be worrisome seeing how it’s looking to be on nearly every other system, too, in the future.


Luckily, Level-5 are being upfront about Wonderflick’s issues. In a press release, they stated that they’re not only aware of the problems with the game but are working hard to fix them. The next patch will hopefully address these issues, alongside other major concerns such as memory usage reduction, game stability, a save function and changes to the skill interface during battle to give players a better time.


Wonderflick is out now on iOS platforms.