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Level-5’s Ghost Raising RPG, Youkai Watch, Is Already Getting A New Game



This week’s issue of CoroCoro magazine reveals that Youkai Watch, Level-5’s ghost raising RPG featuring protagonists with the ability to communicate with spirits, is getting a new title. The magazine does not specify whether it will be a sequel or an enhanced version of the game.



CoroCoro magazine is currently holding a contest for fans to come up with a new version of the cat-like creature, known as Jibanyan. The magazine confirms that the winner of the contest will have their Jibanyan appear in the game’s next title.


While the new Youkai Watch game could be a sequel, it could also be a continuation of the title, as we’ve also seen other Level-5 titles get enhanced versions, such as their popular Nintendo 3DS RPG, Fantasy Life Link, which introduced more network features to the original game.


Level 5 released the first Youkai Watch game just weeks ago, and the title has gone on to sell consistently week after week in Japan. An anime series is scheduled to air in Japan in early 2014, with a manga series coming before it in December.

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