Licca-chan Doll Dresses Up Like Super Mario

licca-chan mario

Licca-chan has taken up the plumbing profession, in the doll’s first ever collaboration with Mario. You will be able to purchase the “Licca-chan Loves Super Mario” doll from March 10, 2023. Not only does she dress up like Mario, but there are plenty of Mario-themed decorations in the backdrop, as well as items for her to hold.

When the “Licca-chan Loves Super Mario” doll comes out, she will cost 5,280 JPY. That is approximately $39.70. The paper background sheet is reversible. One side is a Mario-themed bedroom. Details include a portrait of Mario, stars and Fire Flowers on the curtains, and Yoshi on the garbage can. The other side looks like a stage from Super Mario.

As for paper accessories you can give to Licca-chan, they are Mario-themed as well. There is a bag that looks like a Question Mark Block. There is also a Super Star, a coin, a Super Mushroom, and a Mini Mushroom. If you want to, you can place the items into the bag and make Licca-chan hold it.

super mario licca-chan

Licca-chan is a highly popular dress-up doll in Japan. Takara first started selling it in 1967, with the doll becoming even more popular within its native Japan than Barbie. Licca-chan has gotten several makeovers over the years with changing values and aesthetics.

The Super Mario Licca-chan doll will be available in stores from March 10, 2023. The Super Mario Bros Movie will appear in American theaters from April 7, 2023, and in Japan from April 28, 2023.

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