Lies of P Balance Update
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Lies of P Director Confirms Sequel, Teases DLC

A sequel to Neowiz Games’ Lies of P was confirmed in a video from director Ji Won Choi, along with plans for an upcoming balance patch, sequel, and DLC. While no specific dates were confirmed, the balance update is said to be planned for November, 2023, and will arrive along with several in-game gifts from the developers.

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In the video, Choi stated that the development team’s main priorities are working on both the Lies of P DLC and sequel. Though no concrete details were revealed, Choi did show two pieces of teaser art for the DLC towards the end of the video. One of the two features what appears to be a large water turbine, while the other shows Pinocchio exploring two crashed sailing ships.

You can see the pieces in the gallery below:

For the balance path, Neowiz plans to update several areas in response to player feedback. The first listed is the tweaking of several blades and handles that were “underperforming” as part of the Weapon Assemble system. Choi also addressed concerns over the initial difficulty of the game, in particular an enemy located in the Venigni Works that was able to stunlock players who had not unlocked a certain skill. To combat these frustrations, the developers are planning to have the Rising Dodge ability unlocked from the start instead of later on, allowing players to roll out of a knocked-down state, as well as adding two more skill-unlocking items to an early vendor’s inventory.

Choi also described plans to provide players with several in-game gifts to express the gratitude of him and the team. These gifts include a wearable outfit resembling special weapon merchant Alidoro’s, which was apparantly hotly requested, as well as a hat and pair of glasses to use with the new facial accessory slot. The slot will allow players to wear both hats and accessories where before they were limited to one or the other.

You can watch the full Director’s Letter below:

Lies of P released back in September, 2023, selling around 1 milllion copies in a month and appearing on Xbox Game Pass.

Lies of P is available now on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X, with a sequel and DLC in development. A balance patch is planned for release in November, 2023.

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